burn a condo down (a great weekend)

by light rail coyote

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get up, make breakfast with the roommates
coffee, toast, fried potatoes and eggs
and when you've cleaned up
burn a condo down

spend the afternoon grading papers
call your parents
take a walk to unwind
burn a condo down

after dinner, drinks on the stoop with Jimmy
talk about hockey and how the new records coming
on your way back from the mile end
burn a condo down

when you get home and go to sleep
you have the sweetest dreams
you burn a condo down, burn a condo down, burn a condo down, burn a condo down.....

get up
ride up north to the jamspace
work on some new songs with your bandmate
while you're up north
burn a condo down

head back down south through the downtown
give the finger to the car that cuts you off
and to the tourist stepping into the bike line
ride through the condo-complex eating Griffintown

back in the Point
make dinner with a sweetheart
roast chicken and greens
talk about your days
talk about how if feels to be doing this thing
and how it feels to be holding each other in different kinds of ways
and when you've talked it out
burn a condo down
(let it burn)


released October 18, 2015



all rights reserved


light rail coyote Montreal, Québec

i'm in this for my love for everyone

sounds by shaun weadick with the support of friends/lovers/family in Tio'tia:ke/Montréal

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